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Online harmonica lessons with Charlie Mc Coy

Harmonica lessons with a legendary musician, an ultimate reference on this instrument, it's not every day that you can find some...

Programme de Charlie Mc Coy
Charlie McCoy decided to pass on his experience, his style, to all who wish to learn the harmonica but also to improve on this instrument.

In this course, you will find more than 150 videos, covering all the main techniques of the harmonica that will allow you to play country and blues. Thus, you will learn how to breathe, to hold the harmonica, to play single notes, lowered notes / altered (bends), the direct bends, trills. You will also learn different techniques of bluegrass, the work of speed and effects as the train rhythm and the Cajun accordion ...

photo de Charlie Mc Coy
You will be able to learn all these techniques on 20 themes each time enriched with progressive exercises. At the end of each stage, you will find more songs to practice. Each of them comes with a playback available, tablature, and all tips given by Charlie to improve yourself. For instance, you will find essential titles of this music such as : Shenandoah, Way Down the Swanee River, America, Old Joe Clark, Red River Valley ... And finally you will be able to play two titles with Charlie accompanying you on the guitar but also on the harmonica: Take me home Country Road and Rocky Top.

You will quickly notice how you improve yourself with these lessons made by Charlie McCoy. But most of all you will learn having fun and sharing a moment with a great artist and also a true teacher.

So if you wish to learn this instrument, this is a unique opportunity to learn it directly with one of the world greatest harmonica player and musicians that Nashville as known.


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